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  • Who produces Datadisc ?

  • Datadisc is a scientific data logging and analysis application for personal computers. 

  • Datadisc has existed in various forms since 1982 and has become the leading data-recording package in school science. Datadisc is now for Windows only but many operating systems have been supported in the past.

  • Follow this link to ScienceScope for all hardware information

  • Connecting to serial ports higher than 9

  • Data can be derived from ScienceScope and Philip Harris ranges of sensors and interface or typed in directly / imported from text.

  • The latest version of Datadisc for Windows is Datadisc Pt. This covers all ages from KS2 to A-level and beyond and incorporates Graphpad (for KS2) and Explore Ag (for KS3 - GCSE). Graphpad and Explore Ag are also available separately. There is only ever one "current" version and that will always support the previous features of other Datadisc versions. Our promise to you.

  • For further information please see The Datadisc Family Tree

  • Click here to find out more about Datadisc Pt for Windows 98/NT/XP

  • System requirements

  • Check for download availability and version number
    (if the page does not load then the download is not currently available - please try again tomorrow)

  • How Datadisc increases your expensive range of sensors by adding new measurements

  • Is more of the sun's energy available in the infra-red or the visible band ?

    The mathematical works demonstrated: Click here for a demonstration of Datadisc's maths and plotting functions on-line. (Requires Internet Explorer 5 or above and VBScript as well as JavaScript enabled.)

  • FAQ

    Download Datadisc Pt

    Version history




    Technical support

    Following the success of Datadisc, we have developed a range of video logging applications to combine sensor data with real-time and time-lapse video on a PC. For more information about this exciting new field, visit The VisiStore Systems Site or look at an analysis of VideoLogged data here.

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