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The Datadisc Family of software for data-logging and data presentation

All the programs make full use of the advanced features of Philip Harris data-logging hardware: DL Plus; Universal Interface; SensorMeters; First Sense and Blue Box sensors.

SensorMeters and First Sense sensors are recognised and calibrated for automatically.

Datadisc Pt

Datadisc Pt is considerably enhanced and combines the functions of Datadisc Pro and Datamass in one application besides adding many new features. It should be regarded as the definitive current Datadisc version and the one that will be supported into the future. It adds support for the Logbook range of dataloggers from Sciencescope.

Further to Datadisc Ag, Datadisc Pt now offers "derived sensors" that can be recorded alongside the sensors you actually plug in. By this we mean, for example, Power may be recorded alongside Volts and Amps. Velocity may be derived from speed; Altitude from Pressure and many many more.

Datadisc Pt also supports "zeroing" and other setting functions for appropriate sensors.(Force and Pressure sensors can be zeroed; pH can be set up in buffer solution (pH 7); Bipolar sensors such as P D can have their output inverted)

These Datadisc Pt features require an upgraded key but Datadisc Pt may be downloaded as a free upgrade for use with an previous Datadisc Ag key.

Datadisc - a brief history

The program Datadisc has developed between 1982 and 2000 by Abington Micro Consultants for real time data-logging and data manipulation particularly in education. The program was developed initially for BBC computers.

An early manual

The Datadisc family has developed since 1982 as follows:
Year Development Author(s)
1982 Datastore for BBC computers developed as a replacement for chart recorders and kymographs in academic science. Records one channel of data against time. Cassette tape based. Dr John Crellin
1985 Datadisc launched. Floppy disc based. Stores data on disc during recording for security and can record 4 channels. Dr John Crellin
1989 Datadisc versions for Nimbus PC186, Acorn Archimedes and IBM compatible PCs established. Enhanced programs collectively known as Datadisc Plus. Dr John Crellin
1990 Dataplot for BBC computers developed for recording data in experiments where time is not the x axis. Dr Rob Dickinson
1990 Datadisc Connections allows data to be saved in a variety of formats for use in other packages. Dr John Crellin
1992 Datadisc merged with Dataplot to form Datadisc PP on all but BBC platforms Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson
1993 Launch of Datadisc PRO for IBM compatible computers Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson
1993 Datamass launched - the first software in its field capable of recording from all the major electronic balances and displaying the data in graphical form. Dr Rob Dickinson
1994 Datamass Pro launched - on some platforms this can record from balances and sensors simultaneously. Dr Rob Dickinson and Dr John Crellin
1994 Datadisc PP sold with "Connections" capability built in. Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson
1995 Launch of Datadisc Pro for Windows Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson
1996 Datadisc Explore with a more visual interface launched. Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson
1999 Datadisc 32, integrating Datadisc Pro and Datamass Pro into 32 bit code, launched. Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson
2002 Datadisc Ag launched for Windows 95/98/NT/XP, superceding Datadisc 32. Provides support for new Logbook dataloggers and uses the same code with a variety of viewing options to cater to KS2 (Graphpad), KS3 (Explore) and beyond (Datadisc). Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson
2003 Datadisc Pt adds another layer of functionality - derived sensors and sensor settings. Dr John Crellin and Dr Rob Dickinson

Previous non-current versions of Datadisc were:

Datastore (BBC, now superseded)

Datadisc (BBC, now superseded)

Datadisc 40 (BBC for 40 track disc drives)

Datadisc Plus (BBC, Nimbus PC186, IBM compatibles and Acorn Archimedes computers)

Datadisc PP (Nimbus PC186, IBM compatibles and Acorn Archimedes computers)

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