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Datadisc Pt - system requirements

Datadisc Pt runs best on the latest Windows operating systems but is still compatible with almost all Windows 98 and above systems. It will run on Windows 95 as long as there are reasonable "free system resources" but some networked Windows 95 computers will not have enough system resources to run Datadisc. Run "Windows Resource Monitor" to check system resources. All three measurements should be green before Datadisc is run.

We recommend Windows 98 or above with 128 Mb or more ram for Datadisc Pt. There must also be at least 10 Mb free hard disc space - but Windows itself will not run well with such a small amount of free hard disc space in any case.

We do not support the very first version of Windows 95 - without the "SP1" upgrade - very few software suppliers do and very few installations are still around.

Note particularly that "as supplied" Datadisc is a stand-alone application and you will need, almost certainly to do more setting up to get it running to your liking on a network. (Click here for more information.)

Please note also that the full version of Datadisc must be used for network installations, even in only Explore or GraphPad are actually required.

"Could not load frmMain(7)"

Recently a problem has emerged in a small number of cases where Datadisc will not run on a computer with Windows 95 / 98 and apparently plenty of RAM / free resources etc. We are still researching this problem but in the meantime a "special" version of Datadisc Pt (without Explore and GraphPad) is available for use on these computers.

Our "hunch" is that this problem occurs on PCs designed for more recent versions of Windows where 98 / 95 is installed for site consistency reasons. We certainly have several PCs which were bought when Windows 95 was current and which run the latest Datadisc Pt quite happily with 64 Mb RAM.

Windows XP with different user accounts

Windows XP can support many users of the same PC (even when not networked). The latest version of Datadisc (2.3.23) will support this is a friendly fashion and allow all users access to the program without each user entering a "key".

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